Ultrasound Tech Salary 2011

Before elaborating on ultrasound tech salary in 2011, it is vital to mention that the ultrasound salary tends to be one of the highest in the field of health care.

The medical sector provides great opportunities for career advancements. The average sonographer wage in 2011 is in the range of $18 to $25 on an hourly basis. This would increase with experience. Experienced ultrasound technologists are known to earn as much as $90,000 annually. The most accurate and latest information of the mean ultrasound technician salary in 2011 can be procured from the US Labor Statistics Bureau. This is a government body that keeps track of all jobs and forecasts future job projections in different fields. It is estimated that the demand for diagnostic medical sonographers in the coming decade is going to be enormous. With the field of medical care growing by leaps and bounds, it is expected that US would add more than 10,000 ultrasound jobs 10 years from now. The existing yearly sonogram technician salary in 2011 is $52,000 – $84,000 on an average.

The amount that you can actually earn is influenced by a number of factors such as the geographic location of the ultrasound job (large cities tend to pay well), amount of hours put in, the industry of sonography employment (whether you are employed at a diagnostic imaging center or hospital), experience, etc. Due to the rise in demand for sonographers, the mean ultrasound salary is anticipated to grow better as compared to the inflation rate! This implies that your earning power in the future would probably be better as compared to what it is presently. Moreover, if you want to increase the amount of the money you earn as a sonogram technician, you could specialize so that you get certification in other fields of imaging like X ray or MRI. You would then be in demand and command very high income.

The US Bureau of Labor has declared the top five states that offer maximum ultrasound salary. You could use the list as a guide if you are seriously considering this career path. This is the basic annual pay for a sonographer with three to five years of experience to earn. The states that pay the highest sonographer salaries are Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska, Washington and Connecticut. They offer basic average income of $70,500 to $74,000 annually. A survey conducted recently mentions the states that give lowest annual salaries. They are Alabama, Wyoming, West Virginia, Mississippi and Arkansas. However, you will find that the lowest salary for ultrasound technicians in 2011 is still a decent amount.

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