Top Cities For Ultrasound Tech Jobs

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the employment growth rate of 19% from 2008 to 2016 in the ultrasound sonography field, which is relatively higher than many other professions. This growth will give several job opportunities for the incoming sonographers. Since the abundance of jobs is projected in the future, an ultrasound tech will have to choose where more jobs are available. The increase in the employment for ultrasound sonography field is due to the surge of patients looking for safer medical diagnosis alternatives. Here are the top cities for ultrasound technician jobs.

The top city is New York City providing 1,960 employed ultrasound technicians with an average salary of $66,000. Chicago, Illinois is the next city to have the largest number of employed sonographers of 1,070 with an average ultrasound salary of $70,000. There are 940 employed technicians in Nassau, New York having an average sonographer salary of $64, 000. In Houston, Texas, there are 800 employed medical sonographers with an average salary of $60,000 while in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the average salary is $68,000 with the 710 employed ultrasound techs. There are 690 employed ultrasound sonographers in Orlando City, Florida while for Miami and Tampa there are 640 and 500 employed sonographer. In Philadelphia, there are 660 employed technicians while for Newark, New Jersey there are 630 employees with an average salary of $68, 000 per year. In Washington, Atlanta and Dallas the number of employed ultrasound technicians are 580; 600; 540 and 520 respectively. There are 520 employees in the sonography field in Seattle while the number of technicians in Pittsburg and Baltimore are 510 and 500 employees respectively. Boston and Phoenix have around 490 employed technicians while Warren in Michigan and Santa Ana City in California has 450 employed technicians.

An ultrasound technician who is searching for good job opportunities in the field of ultrasound sonography must be able to research of the top cities where to apply for jobs. The ultrasound tech career promises a stable job and a high salary.

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