Free Ultrasound Technician Training Classes

Ultrasound technician training was the stepping-stone of students who want to become certified ultrasound sonographers. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicted that employment in the ultrasound sonography field will generate about 300, 000 jobs in 2016. As the ultrasound profession is becoming more and more in demand, number of schools offering training in this field is also increasing. For those applicants who can afford the ultrasound training, private training institutes are recommended for them. However, for those who are financially incapable, is there any free ultrasound technician training class available?

Free training in ultrasound sonography is very rare and sometimes there are none. However, there is still hope for those who are financially incapable students yet deserve to study. Several scholarship grants and financial aids are available for US residents to complete a degree program for ultrasound technician profession. The key in finding for a scholarship grant, which will offer sonography training for free is to apply as many grants so that if got approved, combination of scholarship will give a financially independent school life. Here are some of the financial aids and scholarship offered for qualified applicants.


Several employers are offering help to those who are willing to study ultrasound sonography. Sometimes, what happens is that the student pays first the classes, secure receipts and then after getting the required grades, the company will collect the receipts and pay the expenses back. Companies where your parents are working sometimes offer financial aid to the immediate dependents of their employees. Research is needed to find the employers and companies, which will be willing to support your career.

School’s Financial Aid Office

The office of the financial aid in any school will surely recommend one of the scholarship or financial aids available for sonography courses. It is necessary to look into the list of scholarships the schools have to offer. There are those that don’t require ultimate grades but will base on the financial needs of the student.

Ultrasound Sonography Head of the School

Look for the department of ultrasound sonography at school and talk to the person assigned for financial aids and scholarships. You never know, there is a generous person sponsoring students who have financial constraints but are willing to study.

Foundation for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

The foundation established by the diagnostic medical sonographers offer scholarships to the US citizens who are willing to enroll in accredited programs. The only thing you need to do is to visit their website and look for the details regarding the scholarships.

Jerman-Cahoon Scholarship

The Jerman-Cahoon scholarship is offering financial aid to qualified students. They give as much as $2,500 annually for qualified applicants. If you are currently a member of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, are qualified for a sonography program and are unable to finance your studies, you have the chance to be offered scholarship. More information is available at

There is no hindrance for a person who has dreams to pursue a career in ultrasound sonography. The only thing to do is to comb all available scholarships and financial aids to be qualified and enroll in your desired ultrasound technician school.

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